Social Networking Business Success Story. Got Any of Your Own?

Social networking as we all know has hit the big time. Personally, we are fanatics of Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter. I know there’s millions of others, but these 3 take up quite of bit of attention as it is I can’t imagine adding another to the mix. The point of this post is we began on the “Big 3” (my apologies to the 2008/09 Celtics for lifting that monikor) to network on behalf of our business, Pole to Pole Consulting ( Needless to say the experience to date has been awesome. So much so, that we recently collaborated and closed a nice-sized deal with a contact found off Twitter!!!

If you had asked me ahead of time which of the 3 would yield the most business potential, Twitter would be last. My Linked-In connections have provided awesome ideas and we have a couple things in the works, but believe it or not Twitter has really surprised me. Facebook is nice, but without paying for advertising I’m not sure it has enough upside to reach more unknown people than Twitter.

But enough of us, I’d like to hear your stories. Any successful (or unsuccessful) business dealings forged on the “Big 3” or any social networking site for that matter? Do share, por favor …



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5 responses to “Social Networking Business Success Story. Got Any of Your Own?

  1. WhereIsBartleby

    Definitely not one of the top 3, but I got my last full-time (first corporate) job through a post on Coroflot.

  2. AJRenold

    I recomend: facebook for personal, linkedin for professional, and twitter for purpose based use. By purpose I mean connecting with people of similar interests. Good to hear you are using these tools well!

  3. Peter Pichler

    let me know more about your business

  4. Peter Pichler

    please send me an email

  5. As a 21st century author, I have to do a lot of self-promotion to sell my novel. As a result, I’m now a social networking junkie, and proud of it.

    For my novel, I’ve found authors on LinkedIn and Facebook to interview for my blog, which I maintain to attract readers. My stats go up when I interview authors, especially when they have healthy publicity engines of their own. They post a link to the interview on all of their sites, so I’m tapping into their fan base. I write science fiction and only interview science fiction authors. It’s all about reciprocity. I’ve also found reviewers on social networking sites.

    Obviously, mine is a very different business model. Or maybe it isn’t. We’re all branding, right? I’m branding myself as a science fiction author, and the more times people see my name, the better. So I try to grab as much cyber real estate as possible. But I always give back and never blatantly spam someone’s blog or wall.

    I have found sources for my day job as a journalist on LinkedIn, too. And some of them read SF.

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