Possible Tunisian/Egyptian Copycats in Latin America?

The events unfolding in Tunisia and Egypt I think have been incredibly understated. The news is covering all angles of course, but the power of convergence, especially without the internet to further fuel the movement in Egypt, is astounding. This frankly would not have been possible without the internet, and one could say without a platform as powerful and omnipresent as Twitter.

A big part of me cheers this on, democracy in action, a collective voice can inspire change on a massive scale. But at the same time the scale of this is a bit frightening as well. Imagine if these 2 million Egyptians getting together this week were not interested in change for the good, but rather to stir up trouble. Scale is great if its parts are not out to harm. But who is to say platforms like Twitter can also not tap into the nutballs as well.

Back to my post, I await with eyes wide open if this indeed can spread outside of the middle-east. I have seen all sorts of projections of who is next in that region of the world, but could we see a movement like this in say Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador (almost happened a couple months back)? I am in the region which is why it interests me. Frankly, I think Chavez at least in Venezuela has already bought-off large segments of the very critical mass that would set out to protest and call for his ouster. I can’t see the 5% with private money concerned about their golf course being expropriated dropping everything to protest in the streets. What say you all?


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