What to Make of Peru’s Immediate Future

Living in Chile relations with Peru are important. Geographic neighbors, a large Peruvian contingent in Chile, a volatile past which has subsided but continues to emerge as a talking point by Peruvian politicians looking to gain ground.

Today I was reading an article in a Chilean newspaper that quoted a Peruvian living in Chile. The article goes on to say …

“that most of the negativity associated with Humala is based more on paranoia than reality. Humala’s platform ultimately is not based on changing the fundamental rules of the economic or political system,” he added. “Any changes he does make will concern how money is redistributed.”

Hmm, so no major changes other than redistributing money throughout the economy. A harbinger for things to come as the Peruvian stock exchange plummeted upon the news Humala had won.

These will be interesting times for Peruvians as I would go out on a limb to suggest redistributing money is not a minor thing. While inequality exists, the policies to address that should be well-reasoned and are above all, a major change to the economic and political system.



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2 responses to “What to Make of Peru’s Immediate Future

  1. Alvaro Velezmoro

    Dear Sir,

    The problem with the other option was an organized mafia, that could trigger again inmediately as soon they took power, whatever option against that as mentioned Mario Vargas Llosa was a solution, if you read the governement plan is not quite socialst, and Humala plan goes to macroestabilty in bas to taxes, andd enviroment care, something that was not takeing care for the opposition candidate.

    Anyway just wait, until the new governemnt to see what happend.

    Best regards,

  2. Good points, Alvaro. It is a wait and see game. Look at Lula in Brazil, everyone expected the worst and the guy has been great. We shall see …

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