Venezuela to Ban Private Firearm Ownership

The scariest part of the couple articles I’ve read on this is under a new proposed law by Chavez only the army, cops, and special groups like security companies will be able to buy firearms from the state-owned manufacturer and importer. The goal is to get firearms off the street.

The heard of elephants in the room asks, “how will private law-abiding citizens protect themselves against thugs with guns if they can’t legally purchase a gun?”

I am not up-to-date on firearm prevalence, holding requirements, etc., across countries and regions. Instinctually this sounds like a terrible idea as bad guys don’t give up guns and they never purchased them legally in the first place. They get them on the black market. So they will still have them and you are now pushing the good guys to the black market to purchase their guns to protect themselves against the bad guys who know the good guys don’t have a firearm legally any longer.


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